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Bulgaria lies in the South-eastern part of Europe and with its territory of 111 000 squared kilometres, it covers 22% of the Balkan Peninsula. Being situated among three continents, three seas and the Danube River, the country is a unique crossroad. Here you could find all the climatic areas of the Balkans, except the typical Mediterranean climate. Here you can see well defined 5 altitude zones from 0 to 2 925 m. Here is a part of the main Balkan’s watershed. Here is the highest Balkan’s pick – Musala 2 925 m., the deepest Balkan’s valley – 1 300 m., the highest mountain lake – Ledenoto ezero (The Iced lake) – 2 710 m.

There are more than 300 high-mountain lakes, over 700 thermal springs, a great number of caves, waterfalls and canyons. You can see there relief shapes from the Ice age. You could find more than 800 plants, 142 animals or birds, 97 of them are protected by the Red book. Bulgaria is a crossroad of ancient civilizations and cultures.

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Useful information about Bulgaria

Location: Balkan Peninsula, South-eastern Europe
Area: 110 912 km2
Population: 7 900 000
Capital: Sofia (1 500 000)
State structure: Parliamentary Republic
Official language: Bulgarian
Religion: Eastern Orthodox, Muslim and Roman Catholic minorities
Currency: Bulgarian lev (BGN), 1 BGN=1,95 EUR
Local time: GMT + 2 hours
Climate: Moderate continental with Mediterranean influence in the South
Passport/visa: Valid passport, no visa required for citizens of EU, EFTA or USA

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