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A weekend on the Seven Rila lakes


You have no time to lose – don't think twice! Accept our offer for this weekend!

Embark on different journey to lakes of Seven in Rila Mountain!

Do you like what you do for a living? Make sure you're positive about your choice of travelling! Don't be part of boring daily round! Let your imagination run wild!

We offer you cordially an opportunity to relax and take a walk in Rila Mountain, discovering the name of beauty.

IRI Outdoor organises for you an excursion to the biggest and most famous lake group in Balkan Peninsula – Sedemte Rilski Ezera (The 7 Rila lakes). Lakes are known as well as "Blue pearls" of Rila Mountain.

Lakes of seven in Rila Mountain naturally have number of seven situated inside the mountain one over another. A mountain river called Djerman drains out lakes of seven. It's a left tributary of Struma river. The circus situated at this place, is open-wide northwards. Here it's easy to see how exactly lakes of seven are well arranged one by one upon individual circus stages. From this position likely from a bird's eye you may enjoy the most picturesque garland, formed by lakes of seven.

We offer you:

Standard package (meals are included)

Individual package (meals are not included)

Your checklist for an adventure experience:

• Warm clothes
• Summer clothes
• Winter jacket
• Toilet-set
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Camera
• Walking boots or strong walking shoes.
• Any personal medication

IRI Outdoor will take care of: experienced guides, comfortable backpacks. It's definitely our care. Calm down – you may feel sure and relaxed. Our professional high-mountain guides overprotect you. It's important to us to make you feel sure in the rest of our hospitality. Let's relax and take a weak throughout peaceful Rila Mountain, enjoying the nature!


Day 1. Departing from Sofia. Transporting the group to Govedartzi village. We'll provide sleeping accommodation for you at camping called "Bor". There are local sanitary rooms provided with hot water. We'll have dinner at the restaurant here. Everyone is invited.

Day 2. After having a breakfast, we're going to mountain hostel, called "Vada", by private transport. It would be our outgoing point. Then, we shall continue toward Djerman river. It drains out Lakes of Seven, we know well. The river flows through a picturesque valley, shaped as a canyon. We'll stay here having a coffee or tea. It will be a wonderful feeling for everyone to breathe in the coolness of waterfall, called "Djermanski". We quit the valley of the river, to climb up mountain hostel, called Rilski ezera, situated upon the ridge, called "Suhia Tchal", above one of the undermost-situated lakes of Seven – Dolnoto Ezero. From this position we'll start on a tour toward "The 7 Rila lakes" – the biggest and the most famous lake group on the Balkan Peninsula. Here we provide sleeping accommodation and after having a tour of the Lakes of Seven, we'll ask you into dinner.

Day 3. After having a breakfast, we'll climb up the scenic peak called "Haramiata" (2 465 m above sea level) – a sharp rocky peak, fearfully towered above the circus of Bliznaka Lake westwards, and "Panitzata" lake in the circus of lakes called Chernoiskarskite. The foot of the peak is sunk down the lake called Bliznaka. You may see here, as clear as crystal, the picture of the peak reflects upon the lake, called Trilistnika. After having a headlong climbing up the ridge, we'll get to saddleback, named Razdela (2 410 m above sea level). It's a junction of many mountain paths. Staying at this position, we'll have an opportunity to overlook the ridge of Malijovitza. Then we'll march eastwards upon narrow rocky edge, which makes an interesting connection between "Razdela" saddleback and mighty mountain spur, called "Zeleni rid" toward the Valley of Cherni Iskar River. We'll get to open-country called "Yavorova poliana". We'll organize for you a picnic, when the lunchtime arrives. Everyone is invited upon the glade near the river called "Urdina". The old-age pinewood nearby, we'll attract you. Enjoy the silence filled with fulfilment! It's the end of our journey! Departing to Sofia.

Sleeping accommodation: We'll spend the night once at camping "Bor", situated above Govedartzi village. We'll also stay for a night at mountain hostel, called "Rilski ezera".

Meals included (Standard package): Meals are included (from the beginning of journey – dinner at first day to lunch at last third day in the end of journey).

Meals included (Individual package): With this package, you choose by your own decision where to have our places for eating and meals. Every cup of coffee or tea is free.

Extra expenses: You'll need about 35 € to provide alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. Also you may probably purchase some souvenirs. If you don't want to carry your backpack it will cost about 5 € for a day (every person), paying down the stable-man.

Children: Children under 7 years are not required for this journey. We'll pay back 10 % for children up 7 to 16 years old.

Transport: We provide transporting by private bus. You don't need to pay additional. It's included to package.

Starting point: If you arrive from Sofia, we'll wait for you at 17:30 PM, on Friday, in front of Memorial temple "Al. Nevski". If you don't arrive from Sofia, we'll wait for you and take you at comfortable time. All you need is to be at bus station in Samokov.

Group size: Min.4, max 11 persons.

3-day price

per person

Standard package (meals are included)

120 €

Individual package (meals are not included)

100 €


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