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Upon Musala peak this weekend

Are you hungry for something different? Climb op the roof of the Balkans with IRI Outdoor.

Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. It towers up to a height of 2 925.40 m. above see level and raises over the main ridge, called Musalensko. It's easy to see the ridge, lying upon both the circus, called "Musalenski" and the lake called "Ledenoto". If you take a look eastside from the peak, you'll find out it seems to be domed. There are many enormous cliff fragments broke down here. It was the result of great numbers of storms passed by. Reaching upon the north-eastern peak slope, you'll be shown the heart of Rila Mountain. Don't miss your chance to be a part of it!

We offer you:

Standard package (meals are included)

Individual package (meals are not included)

Your checklist for an adventure experience:

• Warm clothes
• Summer clothes
• Winter jacket
• Toilet-set
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Camera
• Walking boots or strong walking shoes.
• Any personal medication

IRI Outdoor will take care of: experienced guides, comfortable backpacks. It's definitely our care. Calm down – you may feel sure and relaxed. Our professional high-mountain guides overprotect you. It's important to us to make you feel sure in the rest of our hospitality. Let's relax and take a weak throughout peaceful Rila Mountain, enjoying the nature!


Day 1. Departing from Sofia. Transporting the group to Belly Iskar village. At the village we provide sleeping accommodation. Everyone is invited into dinner.

Day 2. After having a breakfast, we'll embark on travelling to famous resort, called Borovets. We'll show no hesitation by using a cabin lift toward the mountain hostel, called "Yastrebetc"(2 350 m.a.s.l.). We'll enjoy the splendid view toward the circus, called "Musalensky". The highest end most difficult to access peaks known here, as well as a legend for ages surrounds it. We'll continue, following our route, until reaching the highest situated mountain hostel in Bulgaria. It's called naturally "Musala" (2 389 m.a.s.l.). The mountain hostel is built upon the circus threshold, nearby one of the lake of seven-called "Musalensko". After having a rest for a while, we'll march reaching the lake called "Ledenoto". It's the highest situated lake in Bulgaria (2 709 m.a.s.l.). We'll have our lunch, reaching the highest situated shelter in Bulgaria – "Ledenoto ezero" (2 700 m.a.s.l.). After having a steep climbing up, we'll step upon the "roof of the Balkans", as we call Musala peak. We are committed to give everyone an opportunity to overlook the splendid views. If you era not overjoyed yet, we'll take care for you having a cup of coffee or tea free. Here, in the rest of our hospitality, we shall climb down to the shelter called "Ledenoto ezero". We provide sleeping accommodation. Everyone is invited into dinner.

Day 3. After having a breakfast, we'll have a guided walk to attractive rock heap, called "Sfinksa" above "Musala" mountain hostel. It's situated westward the valley of "Musalenska Bistritca" river. When the lunchtime arrives, we'll have our picnic here. Withdrawing to cabin lift station, we'll organize our departure to Sofia.

Sleeping accommodation: We'll stay for a night at lovely family hotel at "Belly Iskar" village, situated upon the valley of the river called "Belly Iskar". We'll also stay for a night at mountain shelter, called "Ledenoto ezero" – the highest situated shelter in Bulgaria, an approach to peak "Musala".

Meals included (Standard package): Meals are included (from the beginning of journey – dinner at first day to lunch at last third day in the end of journey).

Meals included (Individual package): With this package, you choose by your own decision where to have our places for eating and meals. Every cup of coffee or tea is free.

Extra expenses: You'll need about 35 € to provide alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. Also you may probably purchase some souvenirs.

Children: Children under 7 years are not required for this journey. We'll pay back 10 % for children up 7 to 16 years old.

Transport: We provide transporting by private bus. You don't need to pay additional. It's included to package.

Starting point: If you arrive from Sofia, we'll wait for you at 17:30 PM, on Friday, in front of Memorial temple "Al. Nevski". If you don't arrive from Sofia, we'll wait for you and take you at comfortable time. All you need is to be at bus station in Samokov.

Group size: Min. 4, max. 11 persons.

3-day price

per person

Standard package (meals are included)

130 €

Individual package (meals are not included)

110 €

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