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Velingrad - 5 days...


5 days in the spa mineral in the heart of Rhodopes mountain – the land of mythological Orpheus

Velingrad for 5 days standard package (SP)

Velingrad for 5 days private package (PP)

Velingrad for 5 days elite package (EP)

(SP) and (PP)

Day 1. Meeting of the group at Sofia airport. Transfer to Velingrad  a journey to the heart of the Rhodopes. Stopping off to see the scenic rocks called "Milevi Skali" and sightseeing. We will have a picnic lunch nearby. Later on we will drive on to the spa mineral Velingrad, which is our base for the next 4 nights. During the next days we will organise interesting and amusing outdoor activities exploring the beautiful countryside.

Day 2. After breakfast you are on a boat trip along the Rhodopes' dam-lake Goliam Beglik. We will visit a protected island where we will have a fish picnic with tasty selected wines. There are fishing opportunities. If you need we can offer you a boat excursion (not included in the price).

Day 3. After breakfast you will have a time for mineral spa relaxation or to swim in the hot mineral pool.

Day 4. After breakfast you can choose between mountain horseback-riding or off road in the nature reserve. We will enjoy the lovely wilderness, meadows and forests that are home to a rich flora and fauna. We will have a wildlife viewing and photo hunting for professionals and amateur photographers.

Day 5. Return to Sofia for a couple of hours, sightseeing, handcrafts shopping.


The elite package is a five-day/four-night vacation with activities decided upon daily between guides and customers. Options for picnics, horseback-ridings, bike trials, boat trips and scooter trips, fishing, special picnic and mineral spa relaxations. You can also visit the ancient ruins of Rhodopes' stronghold of the Middle Ages "Cepina" and the amazing cave "Snejanka". We offer you to climb the scenic pick Belmeken (2 627 m), to visit the lake Belmeken in Rila mountain or Siutka pick in Rhodopes mountain. If you wish you can visit a Rhodopes' nature reserve where we will organise for you photo safari. We can also organise for you to taste traditional Bulgarian wines in a wine cellar.


This package is like a (SP) but can be booked for one to four persons.

Accommodation and meals: Four nights are spent in Velingrad into an attractive and atmospheric hotel (SP) and (PP) or into the most luxury hotel in the town called "Dvoretca" (The Palace). Velingrad is one of the most famous and internationally popular spa resorts in Bulgaria, situated in the heart of the Rhodopes Mountain in an aged pine forest. Many kinds of mushrooms, berries and herbs are spread on large areas in the beautiful countryside around. Various kinds of fresh waters fishes can be got in the dam-lakes nearby. There are 80 hot mineral springs and here is the biggest karsts spring in Bulgaria – "Kleptuza".

We will sample many traditional local specialties including "sofenka" a delicious been salad, "cheverme"  roasted lamb, "bedi" thick pancakes made from yogurt, flour, soda and butter. For breakfast we’ll offer you many local home made dishes like "banitca", yogurt, "sirene"- a local feta-type cheese, "tutmanik". Evening meals will be in restaurants and will include soup or salad, meat with potatoes or rice and vegetables and a dessert. There are several selected local wines that you may wish to try with your evening meal (not included in the price). If you wish we can organise for you to taste selected wines in a wine cellar (not included in the price). Picnic lunches include toasts, cheese, roasted meals, salads and 5 bottles of wine.

Extra expenses: You will need about 10 € for entrance to the cave and museum. About 50 € to purchase drinks with meals and traditional handcrafts. If you order a wine taste in a wine cellar you will need 70 €. An extra boat trip will coast you 50 € per hour for 5 persons. You may also order a special picnic and fishing in some of the dam-lakes: Batak, Dospat, Belmeken, Chiroka Poliana or Goliam Beglik. It will coast you 80 € for a boat or 130 € for a scooters. The service includes picnic (toasts, cheese, roasted meals, salads and 5 bottles of wine) and bivouac or a stay in the dam-lake side hotel and all you need for fishing.

The (EP) is all-inclusive.

Special equipment required: small backpacks, hats and walking boots or strong walking shoes.

Meals included: All meals from the evening meal on day 1 to the breakfast on day 5 are included.

Transport: All transfers are carried out by private bus. There is an off road included.

Children: Children under the age of 6 are not accepted on this holiday. Children under the age of 12 are taxed 50 %. Children under the age of 16 are not accepted on (PP).

Starting point: Sofia airport.

Group size: min. 8, max. 14 persons.

5-day prices

per person

Standard package (SP)

385 €

Elite package (EP)

410 €

Private package (PP)

1 282 €

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